Orignal Pawllocks with Kazoo

Every year, Kazoo Branding helps coordinate and build buzz for the Northeast Dog Parade, and one of our favorite parts of this event is designing the marketing materials. This year, Mila had the idea to use real dog paw prints in the poster design. We borrowed Daisy the Golden Retriever from Ellen’s parents, got her paws muddy, and had her walk all over some paper. This was then turned into the poster and flyers we used to promote the event.


Kazoo has always been behind the scenes at the Dog Parade. We organize sponsors and vendors, determine the route of the parade, design & hang-up posters, and run the Facebook event page. This year was different, though. We had a lot of neighborhood businesses step up and help out with planning this chaotic event - special thanks to Lunds & Byerlys and Chuck & Dons.

Since some of the event planning was taken off our hands, Kazoo had more time to promote ourselves during the parade this year. What if parade goers could make their own doggy paw print painting, similar to the event poster Kazoo created? The idea was a little crazy, but we knew we were onto something.

The day of the parade, we set out 3 paint trays with non-toxic, washable kid’s paint, and printed out a bunch of pieces of paper with a frame and our logo on it. Who would dare put paint on their dog’s paw? I had my doubts. Thankfully the residents of Northeast are a fun group, and many people were game to give it a try. We even ran out of paper!


The paw prints hung to dry while the parade took off around the block, and the dog artists picked up their masterpieces as the event was winding down. We think our experiment was a great success, and a lot of dogs discovered that they were regular Pawllocks!

Ellen Puls