Why Investment in Photography Pays Off for your Brand

When you’re first getting your business off the ground, investing in a professional to help you with your branding can seem like a costly, daunting task. The thing is, it’s probably a more crucial tool for growing your business than you think.

Here is a great example: A client recently came to us with her facial beauty products that she is selling online. She said she wanted to look more professional; really knock it out of the park and give the appearance that these are the facial beauty products you need to buy. The distributor had given her photos to post online, but they certainly were not up to par with what she wanted.

No need to fear; Kazoo is here.

We got her set up in the office, grabbed a white sweep, and gave her the photos she needed to really get her business up and running.

Before (photo provided by the distributer to sell online)

Before (photo provided by the distributer to sell online)

Photo taken at Kazoo

Photo taken at Kazoo

Why does it matter?

Whether a client is roaming through the aisles at Target, looking at products on Amazon, or staring at a billboard, they’re going to take notice in the quality of your product. Does it look generic, homemade, and unprofessional? If so, what is going to entice them to want to buy your brand? Furthermore, why should they trust YOU?

In todays world, we are bombarded with choices. We are confronted with an abundance of images on the web and social media. This can be a wonderful, yet terrifying situation for businesses these days. With so many choices out there, the consumer only has seconds for an image to catch their eye. This being said, if your product does not look the part, you’re going to lose out to a competitor who HAS taken the time to invest.

The power of branding

There is a lot of power perceived in branding. It can make a huge difference in the way people perceive the quality and value of your business. For example; If you put two products in front of a customer and tell them that the one on the left is more expensive, they’re going to automatically assume that it is of higher quality.

Why would I pay tons of money for a photographer when I can easily do it myself?

Websites and brands that are done by amateurs, look amateur. It’s as simple as that. Professionals understand the market and know how to successfully communicate your brand.

You may know your business, but we know design.

Ellen Puls