Why is Color Important for a Brand?


If an IKEA employee would go to the grocery store for some shopping on their way home, you would not take them for an employee at that grocery store. You’d instantly recognize the bright yellow and blue uniform as IKEA.This is because IKEA is consistent with the use of these colors. They use it for EVERYTHING, even their buildings.

Color only takes a fraction of a second to translate from your eyes to your brain. Reading a word would require more energy and focus than registering a color. When you are driving, you can’t focus on just one thing, you have to pay attention to your surroundings, the other drivers, the traffic rules and that piece of scrap metal in the middle of the street. This is why a stop-sign looks the way it does. It’s always the same color and always the same shape. This is so you recognize it as a stop-sign from far away. You have plenty of time to adjust your driving to safely come to a full stop before you are even close enough the read the words.

Color can persuade someone to pay attention and a color can be associated with a brand if that particular color is consistently used by a brand. Color is a powerful tool when it comes to Identity.

One of the strongest color brands is that of KLM, the Royal Dutch airline. Anyone who has ever flown with KLM recognizes this color from miles away and will associate it with KLM.


There you have it. Color is an important tool for identity because it’s easily recognizable when used correctly.

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