Visual Identity


When you walk around Uptown, you’ll see a collection of individuals and styles. You will probably start to put everyone you pass by in boxes based on how they visually express themselves. They guy in the fitted suit? A serious business guy. The lady with the green sparkly lipstick? She’s probably fun to party with. Person with an I love dogs shirt? My new best friend.

We like to dress for our moods, for our social status, and for our jobs. We give visual cues to others. Some might not give it much thought, while others are very aware of how they appear to others and can use it to their advantage.

Don’t you love it when you walk into a department store and it’s immediately clear who works there? You don’t have to be embarrassed when you ask a nicely dressed lady with a friendly face where the perfume is, and she has no idea, because she’s shopping just like you.

Clothing can be important to our jobs. We might dress conservative at the office to appear professional. We might wear protective gear to prevent injury or we might wear a badge to demand respect.

Kazoo creates clear visual identities that fit your business, communicate clearly who your business is, your personality and what your business is all about. Words need to be read to be understood but with use of colors, fonts and shapes, Kazoo can create visual messaging that is readable to the subconscious and takes only a split second to understand. This is the power of visual identity.

When you do a brand session with Kazoo, we will get to know every fiber of your businesses. We will iron out the kinks with you and develop a clear idea of what your business is all about, who your clients and competitors are, and where you are going.

This is where Kazoo shines. We find colors, fonts and shapes that communicate your message before the reading has even begun.

Ellen Puls