Love, Red Seat

Sometimes you reach out to your clients for no reason other than to remind them that you care. For Valentine’s Day, Red Seat decided to show their clients a little love by sending them notebooks and a card. Kazoo wrote copy and created two branded cards: one version for clients who had worked with Red Seat to find new hires, and one version for those who found new jobs through Red Seat. This effort to reach out to their clients is an example of going above and beyond, and is one of the reasons Kazoo enjoys working with Red Seat so much.

Logo and logotype design by Kazoo Branding, shown in the brand color palette.

Adding a little sizzle to HR.

Red Seat Expert Hiring

When there’s a seat to be filled on the job, it becomes the hot seat—especially for smaller businesses without a hiring staff. Enter Red Seat, the HR specialty firm that handles the hiring and fills open chairs with excellent employees. We’re proud to have created the name and identity for this unique business, as well as marketing materials that fit its plucky personality

On brand referral card design for Red Seat.
On brand referral card design for Red Seat.

Red Seat Lunch Club
As a way for Red Seat to show their appreciation for referrals, they had us create a program that would allow their clients to treat their staff to one of the fine restaurants in the Parasolé Group. Red Seat sends out this invite along with a referral card, and voila! They get a referral and the individuals giving the referral get rewarded themselves . WIN-WIN.

A brand oriented thank you card designed by Kazoo Branding for Red Seat.
Mock-up of the web design for Red Seat, created by Kazoo Branding.
Interactive mock-up showing how the web design for Red Seat is mobile friendly.