personal style experiment by Mila

Please join me for my personal style experiment!

Kazoo branding is all about brand personality. We recommend clients talk the talk but more importantly walk the walk! 

Is your brand friendly and inviting? You’re probably using friendly typography and a happy color pallet. Is your company stern and corporate? You’re probably using darker colors.

Brand is more than logo’s and typography. Brand is about people. You can have the cutest sign for your baby sitting business, but when your look as frightening as Roald Dalh’s Agatha Trunchbull, no one will leave their kids with you.

Kazoo recently did a video and I was standing in for a few minutes so the camera could be adjusted. When I reviewed the footage I was taken back a little by the way I present myself. I was dressed in black like I always do and it made me look stern and unapproachable. 

I like the serious look, I am serious, but I’m also friendly and fun. Kazoo is pretty serious, but also friendly and fun. So is the whole brand! 

I want to represent kazoo, but more importantly, I want to represent myself. I want to talk the talk and walk the walk! 

So here is my plan:

  • I am going to add some color to my wardrobe.
  • I am not buying more clothes, I have enough.
  • I am getting help with the new wardrobe. 

To avoid buyers regret and also to avoid not trying something on because it’s pink or something, I decided to leave it to the experts and get help from clothing stylists, personal brand experts if you will. I am now renting clothes. 

Stay tuned and tell me what you think, would you change your wardrobe to express yourself to others better? Is your wardrobe already great? or do you just put on what feels good to you and you alone? 

More about my experience next week!