Designing a Sub-Brand

Pay It Forward Fund (PIFF) is a non-profit that helps women who are battling cancer pay their basic living expenses, while they are going through treatment. Kazoo has been been helping them since the beginning, about 13 years ago. We designed their logo and wrote the tagline that created their niche, “Cancer doesn’t care if you can’t pay your bills. We do.” We stayed connected by serving on their board, and periodically helping them with their marketing communications.

In 2017, Pay It Forward Fund understood there were some patient circumstances that required a little extra help. In dealing with hundreds of women, they came to realize the obvious - cancer isn’t any fun. Some are hit harder than others with the disease, and they needed a little extra help. Some days it’s hard to deal with the stress, fear and sadness that even financial help cannot overcome. 

The general idea was to give a patient a fun day off from cancer. They created experiences like a day at the ball park, a limo ride to dinner with the family, or a day at their house planting perennials. 

They needed a sub-brand hat would encompass the idea of giving cancer patients a break from cancer, and some plain old fun. 

We created a name, an upbeat message and a graphic treatment. It was an extension of their brand story. We let the patient know that PIFF wants them to take a day off from cancer, and to enjoy this extra gift. Share it with family and friends, and don’t lose hope.

Pay It Forward Fund color palette

Pay It Forward Fund color palette

Pay It Forward Fund: Extra color palette additions

Pay It Forward Fund: Extra color palette additions


Note: The idea came from two former PIFF board members, Stephanie Messmer, a joyful person who loved to laugh and always seemed to see the brighter side of life; and, JoAnn Simon, whose friends and family made the idea come to life by seeding the fund with a very generous donation.