Summer Kazoo Apparel

The Kazoo team is in full summer mode over here in Northeast Minneapolis. We've been eating lunch in the park, riding bikes to work, and occasionally even sneaking out of the office early to head to the beach or play a round of golf. Maybe I had swallowed a little too much lake water, but when idea came about to make Kazoo shirts for the Northeast Dog Parade, tie-dye struck me as the right solution. 

Tie-dye is a classic summertime activity in the Midwest. It seems almost every summer my friends and I would gather and use the bright dye to revitalize any old white shirts we could find. Afterwords, our hands would be dyed purple and our wardrobes would be slightly more colorful. With Kazoo Branding's bright color palette and summer fever, tie-dye shirts with the Kazoo logo on them were perfectly appropriate for a silly summer event.

So, one Wednesday, Mila and I went out and bought supplies. Blue dye? Check. White shirts? Check. Gloves and rubber bands? Check. We choose to follow a stripe pattern, so that some white fabric would be left on which we could fit our logo. We took over our building's fire escape and created our tie-dye masterpieces. Finally, after the shirts sat overnight and were rinsed out in the office sink, we used transfer paper to iron on the Kazoo logo. Voila! Official, and very professional, Kazoo t-shirts.


The shirts helped Mila and I stand out as we directed vendors in setting up and helped guide the parade route. As we ran around taking photos and managing the chaos, they also served as a reminder that we're part of the team that helps make this fun, hilarious summer event take place. We're so glad we get to work with The Heart of Northeast to put on the Dog Parade, and can't wait until next year!

Ellen and Mila (and Daisy the Golden Retriever puppy) enjoying the chaos of the dog parade.

Ellen and Mila (and Daisy the Golden Retriever puppy) enjoying the chaos of the dog parade.

And now, some more puppy pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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