Behind the Scenes: Slim's Food Photoshoot

When you are in the restaurant business, there are only two things you can sell on your website: your food, and your restaurant's ambience. At Kazoo Branding we've done both for Slim's in Brooklyn Center. The website conveys the restaurant's urban brand through color, illustration, and typography, creating a fun and casual ambience. Images of Slim's food are also placed strategically throughout the website. In order to entice customers to come on in and get a taste, the images of food have to look so good, so authentic, and so yummy!

Recently, Slim's added some new items to their menu, and wanted photographs to show them off. Cue the Kazooks! (And Maggie the Food Stylist!) Here's a look at what went down behind the scenes, and some of the mouth watering results.

Happy with a hard days work!

Happy with a hard days work!

Photography is a strong tool for communicating your restaurant's brand. And for making your customers drool!