Silk screen adventures with Mila - Snowboard Cat

Every week I take a Silk Screen print class at MCBA I’m taking Kazoo on my journey

This winter was brutal… just brutal! Luckily there was a lady this Winter Olympics who inspired a lot of women and girls to pick up snowboarding. Can I say Chloe Kim got me through this winter? I’m just gonna say it, Chloe Kim made me pick up snowboarding again after 10 years and made me wish for lots of snow!

During my class I wanted to put something on a T-shirt that would make me happy and get me through a spring that just wasn’t happening. A naked Cat and a snowboarding Chloe Kim’s reflection in its goggles seemed like the obvious answer!


My teacher recommended glow in the dark ink for the leopard print. GLOW IN THE DARK INK! THERE IS GLOW IN THE DARK INK AND I GET TO USE IT.


It's also nice on paper

2018-04-25 15.10.26.png

This project was a smashing success. For me personally.