It's All In The Bag

There are many ways to promote your business. In the case of Maggie The Food Stylist, a strategic creative partner to Kazoo Branding, she has had good success with email blasts, Facebook postings and a website we developed and regularly update.

All have worked well, but she wanted to provide something more permanent, hands on if you will, for her clients and friends. This led us to start thinking about promotional products, which can come in many forms. Because she spends a great deal of her time schlepping groceries to photo studios, how about a shopping bag?


But this wouldn’t be just any old shopping bag. It needed to be custom branded in a fun and colorful way. We picked a sturdy cotton bag and, and created an illustration which was silk-screened on the bag.  We made a water color illustration of a mango and added the headline, “It takes two to mango.”

Maggie now packs her groceries in her bags and leaves the bags behind. They are fun gift that keeps Maggie’s brand close by.