Website for a Drumming Instructor

When Todd is not touring he gives lessons. The music school Todd used to work at closed its doors but Todd was not ready to quit. He kept his drum room and his students and stuck to drum lessons. He went from having a team around him to help with promoting the business to being on his own.

The first step was to create a strong graphic identity.
Todd had painted one of the walls in his room a friendly orange with a positive energy fitting for a place of learning.
We used this orange for the logo, website and all branded material.

We created a website and connected an easy to use scheduling system to it so Todd can focus on lessons and notes and the students can take care of scheduling, canceling and paying for their own lessons.


Todd used to ask for reviews having to describe how to find the correct google page to his clients. We put a button on his review page that goes straight to the google review page. No complicated directions, easy to use and therefore a great way to get more reviews and become more visible on Google.

The website has a dual purpose, tell the twin cities about the lessons, but also functions as an assistant to Todd, we added a Frequently Asked Question section so Todd doesn’t have to answer the same questions over and over again and the Scheduling System is saving Todd a ton of time he can now use to make notes and work on his lesson plans.

The best thing about the website is Todd can spend his time giving drum lessons because the website takes care of the promotion and admin work. Check out the Wall of Fame where you can see the students play with confidence.