Financial Planning is a Life-Long Journey

Even though financial planning is the heart and soul of our client, the Birch Cove Group, they felt the need to add another level that would differentiate them from the competition in this market. Co-founder and current partner, Robert Bjork, discovered the value of financial planning early on as a student at the University of Minnesota when a financial planner helped his family after his father passed away from cancer. It was this experience that caused Mr. Bjork to change his studies and embrace financial planning as a life long calling.

From the very beginning, Mr. Bjork has differentiated his practice by recognizing that his clients prosper best by providing them with tools for both financial planning and life planning. It is this approach that we focused on to help rebrand Birch Cove Group.


With over 300,000 financial advisers nationwide, it is a competitive landscape, especially for those FPA’s who want to attract high-net-worth individuals with significant assets. A sophisticated group, many of whom are retiring from the C-suite of large corporations, or some who have acquired significant assets from selling a business, or others that are high-income professionals. These are clients that require the Birch Cove Group to offer a complete and comprehensive suite of tools in order to satisfy their complex needs.

In addition to recreating their website, social media and collateral, key messages were developed to accurately express their core brand essence.

Birch Cove recognizes that the growth and protection of assets are closely tied to the life issues that clients experience throughout their lifetime prior to retirement. The two are intertwined, and BCG takes a very active role in bundling together the financial and life issues.

A meaningful life is the new currency of retirement, which is why Birch Cove puts financial planning and life planning together for every client.

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