2017 Is A Wrap

. . .  but not so fast.

Love this business. There’s constant change, new businesses, new opportunities, new people and new ideas. There is one bit of wonder about new ideas. Just when you think that you have had your last good idea two weeks ago, and you are in a panic mode, all of a sudden you get new ideas in bunches. We experienced all of this and more this past year.

We facilitated several branding sessions for new clients, married up new logos to the new brand, created the corresponding brand identities, created and developed a very diverse group of websites, worked collaboratively with some insanely creative partners, and headed the business association for all of the retailers and restaurants located directly out the front door of our office here in northeast Minneapolis.

Before we move on to 2018 though, we would like to linger for just a short while on 2017 and how we ended up. The ending is a good one, so stick around for this.