Behind the Scenes: SUPPYS Product Shoot

Now and then, we find ourselves in a situation where a client needs on demand, high quality product photography.

Such was the case with our client, SUPPYS who recently began to offer a children’s chewable multi-vitamin through a monthly subscription plan. Following closely was the launch of their new Omega-3 fish oil smoothie. The “mom bloggers” were showing great interest because it is such unique product - really good for kids, and it tastes great.

Very quickly there was a need to simultaneously get product photography ready and available to the bloggers, on the website and in social media.

Out came our light set, down came the white sweep, and in comes the camera. Combined with the available light in our office along with our strobe lights, we were able to bring out the color, texture, and life of the subject. Mila was able to manipulate the light so as to minimize undesirable shadows and to bring the colorful SUPPYS product to life.

After shooting the individual product, we added shots of the SUPPYS fish oil with a few visual clues to help viewers understand how they might use it. The target market for SUPPYS are moms who are concerned about their kids health, and placing the fish oil product next to healthy foods put our audience on the path to envisioning how they could use the product in their own lives.

Kazoo has the ability to economically shoot professional photos quickly and without a hassle. Overall, it took the Kazoo team less than two hours to get several amazing shots of the SUPPYS fish oil. Whether you need product shots or portraits, Kazoo Branding has the ability to deliver great photos.