When is it time to rebrand?

Companies evolve over time. They can retain their core competencies while at the same time add new services; or, philosophically change their approach to their target audience, speaking of which, my change as well.

When changes do occur, many companies avoid taking the steps necessary to refresh the way they express their brand. They think refreshing their brand to more accurately reflect how they currently do business will be too much – too much work, too expensive and too confusing to their current customer base. Here’s a better, more opportunistic point of view.

Our client Birch Cove Group is an independent personal financial planner. They call on Kazoo Branding because they wanted to express how they evolved from being purely a financial ally to add being a psychological ally, as well. However, they didn’t need to completely change their corporate identity, but rather create a new graphic system that was relevant to who they are currently and how they evolved. Very simply, we rebranded their overall look without changing the logo.

The first step? Brand strategy, in which we developed, defined, and refined the core brand essence that makes Birch Cove Group unique relative to the competition. The core brand essence became the driver we used to more accurately define the company and inspire creative development of all future marketing initiatives. We added key messages to the graphics that took us to the next step.

The second step is brand execution which included a brand audit to evaluate the need for marketing initiatives to include printed collateral, website revisions, media relations, newsletters, blogging, social media, and email marketing. The end result? On-brand communications to build clarity, simplicity and a buzz that will ultimately lead to more growth.