Believe in Good(nola)!

I started as a graphic design intern at Kazoo in May, and my very first project was to create a label for Goodnola, a homemade granola. What a great first assignment! The Kazoo team had already gone back and forth with the client a few times, and knew the label should have a old-fashioned look to it that references the homemade nature of the granola, while also evoking the sense of a high-quality product. With some guidance from Mila, I pursued a Delft Blue inspired design because the style's association with homemade craft fit with our client's business.


The above examples of Delft Blue helped inspire the Goodnola design.

I used a monochromatic blue color scheme, and incorporated floral illustrations that borrowed characteristics from oat and barley grains. For a typeface, I chose a serif font that fits with the classic look of the Delft Blue, and also evokes an old-style, homemade feeling.This project only required the design of a front label, but I decided to expand the identity system by designing a back label as well. To do this, I took an illustration from the front and created a pattern out of it. Solid, blue outlines ground the pattern and prevent it from feeling too busy, and copy sits inside a white box where the text is easy to read. 

This was a fun project to work on, and I enjoyed having the challenge of creating a design that references a particular art style. If you've got any package design needs, send them over to Kazoo and we'll work with you to give your product a personality that stands out and speaks for itself. Bonus: I'll be one happy intern!