Event Marketing

Kazoo Branding leads the marketing and promotion efforts for the Northeast Business Association (NEBA), which includes an area bordered by 1st Ave, Main Street and Central. NEBA’s most recent event, Ladies Night Out, invited ladies to hit the Northeast area to enjoy great deals at local businesses. If they visited all 8 participating stores, shoppers had the chance to win a $250 gift certificate. Participating ladies also had the chance to win a gift bag from JL Beers based on who posts the most fun photo from the night. 

Reflecting on our process of creating and marketing the event has reminded us of key points to consider when promoting local businesses.

Our first step was the creative. We started with the creative idea of putting together women’s fashion accessories such as a woman’s purse or a scarf to create a design for posters, postcards and the website. The visual helped us hone in on the aesthetics to keep in mind for the event.

The next step was to promote the event on Facebook. Social media is crucial, especially in order to best reach the demographic you are hoping to attract. We are proud to say we have seen the NEBA facebook page reach almost 5,000 likes. We are looking forward to giving away the $250 gift certificate to one lucky shopper!