Graphifying Life

It’s March… It was March, now its April but I started this in March!
The weather is absolutely gorgeous and all I want to do is go outside.
I’ve been wanting to draw cool graphs for a while now and pushing clients a little but they did not bite… so no graphs for me to make… (poor me!)
I’ve also havent blogged in a while so this is where everything comes together!
I will keep track of my outside time and turn it into a cool graph for the Kazoo blog! Yeah!

screen shot

So when I started this the sun was going flippin crazy! It was awesome, and then the weather turned and it rained… for days! I walk to work so I still got some outside time but if could take the car I would have spent exactly 0 time outside on the dark rainy days!

I had my graph concept ready and sketched out and filled it in every night. Super! I was going to turn it into a nice and clean vector file but that idea got super boring after 10 days. I wanted to go NUTS! And nuts I went. if you were able to go all matrix and jump in the computer and walk around in this 3d world you’d see it all makes sense! Alas you cant… but my itch got scratched… sort of, Now I want to make one thats pretty AND easy to read.

Stay tuned!