Q & A with Graphic Designer and Photographer Kelsey Duncan

Slim’s has been a client of ours that has left our mouths watering every time we visit the restaurant. But what would the restaurant experience be like without seeing visually appealing images of their menu items? Or grabbing our orders from the signature graffiti-like wall at Slim’s? These small details in a brand’s visual presence can go a long way in the customer’s experience when done right. Kazook Kelsey explains how photography played a part in Slim’s brand essence.

What was the idea behind the shoot for Slim’s menu?

Our goal was to shoot photos that could not only be displayed on Slim’s website and social media, but also have the ability to be cut out and placed on any background to go with the urban illustration feel.

Kelsey in Action. 

Kelsey in Action. 

What was the idea behind the wall of graphics?

We wanted to create a hip, urban, graffiti-like vibe for the brand. The illustrations help tie in the neighborhood as well as the ideal customers that go in and out of Slims.


Why do you think photography is important in capturing a brand’s essence/products?

Shooting new food photography was extremely important. Not only had their food menu been updated and needed to reflect their current food, but the food itself needed to be photographed from various different angles so we could use them on different promotional materials. ALSO, the food photography is the customer's first introduction to the menu. If the images aren't enticing, they won't be as apt to want to eat at Slim's. The reason that the food items are cut out and placed on the physical menu itself is so that customers can see just how yummy the food at Slim's is right off the bat.

Slim’s fresh food for any mood brought to life with the help of Kazoo’s photography.