Personal Style Experiment

I got the best dress ever in the mail. I am sooo sad I have to send it back today. I so badly want to keep it! 

Its black and white and full of cool patterns. I love them in combination with my patterned leggings, like they were made for each other. 

Because I like this dress so much, I reserved this piece of clothing for special occasions like a bike ride with my guy or a BBQ with my friends. Because I am creating some good memories in this outfit, this dress is gaining emotional value.


With the awesome dress came this salmony-pinkish colored shirt. My first thought was BORING! my second thought was CHALLENGE! I feel like I’ve been a good sport so far with all the random clothes I’ve received, I made every piece my own by mixing and matching or simply accepting. 
I wore the shit a few times and it’s fine. I don’t feel weird wearing it but there is always something a little boring about it. I like it under a sweater. It feels very proper, I feel like I could teach an art history class in this outfit. How about some Cut Piece with this shirt?