A Heads Up For Success

Lots of company leaders have had their heads down to get through the last five years of uncertainty. Here are a few rules, a checklist if you will, for continuing to build your successful brand. 

1. Reinvent – Constantly think about what you need to do to reinvent your business. As convinced as you are about where your business is headed today, chances are two years from now it will be different.

2. Respect – Brand dictates the culture in your business and a significant element in all brand cultures, of all successful businesses is respect. Respect must be reciprocal –company to customer, sales rep to prospect, supervisor to employee – in all situations.

3. Sell – Obvious advice for the sales department. Set the sales department aside for just one moment and consider the other key employees in your organization. All key employees in your organization should learn how to sell. At one time or another they will be required to convince others of the merits of their ideas.

4. Charge – Pricing is a crucial factor in brand development. Charge for what you do based on the firm belief that you offer valuable products and services. 

5. Live – Live your brand. Brand is everything your company stands for. It should be reflected in the type and quality of the products you sell, the timeliness of your service, and how you treat employees, customers and suppliers.

6. Explore – Most days company leaders are deciding whether to work in the business or on the business. By default, most leaders choose to work in the business because they are extremely busy – constantly responding to the organization’s daily needs. Working on the business is more about the future of the company. Become a futurist for your company, shake up your routine and become an explorer.

7.  Mentor – Do not try to do it alone, because you can’t if you want to be successful. This sounds like personal advice, but it is every bit as true in business as it is in our personal lives. Make your mentor, your business partner