Design Creates The Outside Of Your Brand . . . and a lot of buzz as well.

The inside of your brand, the part with which you begin to build the company and its products needs to be expressed through great design. 

What is perceived as of great on the outside is presumably just as great on the inside. For example, your company’s logo design is the first expression of your brand to be observed by a potential client; and, it’s the only element of your brand that can create a visual impression. The other parts of your brand, including your logo and identity, help foster an emotional connection. The client might not know anything about your business, but good design will lead them through the front door of your business or onto the next page of your website.  

Design seamlessly transitions clients past the first step in the decision-making process without them being cognizant of the conversion. This is something all successful brands have done; and, the most successful brands have delivered on every other aspect of the brand promise including how they made you feel when you walked through the front door, the follow-up phone call, or the card you received wishing you a prosperous year. 

Good design makes your company appear valid. Have you ever visited an online business that had a poorly designed website? Chances are you left immediately and moved on to the next site until you found one that was believable and made you feel comfortable making a purchase or placing a phone call. Poor design should never be the obstacle of your company’s brand because it affects all other deliverables. You may have a great product or service, but the customer will have a difficult time understanding or buying into it if your appearance doesn’t reflect what you offer. 

A cohesive, well-designed brand will help eliminate confusion, generate new business and give you an opportunity to tout your product or service, which you may have otherwise been reluctant to do. It will also help support your brand story and then encourage you to live your brand both internally and externally.