A fishing lesson for the opener, and branding as well.

I‘ve learned a lot about fishing during openers with my pals, but never as much as I learned on a family vacation on Gull Lake. And I was reminded of a very important facet of branding.

It was 5 o’clock in the morning. Just as I was leaving the dock in my 14-foot Lund fishing boat equipped with a 9HP motor, I heard the whine of 150HP Mercury outboard and looked into the misty distance. And there he was. The king of the Lindy Rig , none other than Al Linder streaking across the bay throwing a huge rooster tale of water. He was heading for the very same weed line I spotted earlier.

I pushed the little resort boat as fast as I could hoping that by the time I arrived at the same spot as Al, he would be reeling in a walley. He jumped out of his seat, dropped in the electric trolling motor, quietly moved toward the most likely spot and began fan casting. He made about a dozen casts in less than two minutes, caught nada, and just as fast as he got into the area, he was roaring off to another spot.

I never caught up with Al, but I did follow him with my binoculars. He repeatedly went from one “likely” spot to another, presented the right bait for the area he was in, but never wasted much time until he scored fish. Then he really caught a lot of fish. Be an expert marketer, just like an expert fisherman. Have the right strategy and equipment to find your target audience quickly and deliver the most luring presentation for maximum results. And don’t waste a lot of time pitching your company to someone who isn’t either there or just not biting.