Style Experiment - Red is rad

In the mail; a red blouse, an infinity scarf with earthy tones and a really nice long neckless. it looks pretty good together and I don’t feel like this is totally outside of my world. I am rocking this outfit (Fugazi is blaring so I am officially rocking) while I am alone at the office working late. I feel fabulous. 

I really like red. It is the only color besides black I would buy and wear. I’ve got red glasses and red palladiums. I also own one red dress and I think I have a red bandana laying around somewhere. Oh and how could I forgot! I love red lipstick!

Because women wearing red are often associated with sexy ladies I usually rather wear black, even tough I think red is a pretty rad color. The rare times I do wear red I remind myself it’s the color of aggression, winners and bosses, BOOM! POWER!