Style Experiment - Today I am Blue

Picasso’s had a blue period, yves Klein worked with a chemist to create a  secret formula for the bluest of blue

The sky is blue, the earth is blue, it’s really weird we connect sadness with blue when it is such a relaxing and orderly color. 
I know everyone has their favorite colors and colors we dislike, but I have never, ever heard someone complaining about the ocean because it’s just so damn blue. 
There is some commonality about colors and blue just happens to be one most people like. 

I recently read blue makes people more productive. I innitially thought yellow was the productive one and blue the calming one, but what do I know. Everything on the internet is always true right?

Today I am blue, the bluest of blue and I’m happy and calm and productive and I can’t wait until the weekend when I can wear all black again.