Graphic Design Intern Joins Kazoo Branding

Introducing our new design intern, Mila Samson!

Mila began her career as a graphic designer in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She wanted to be a stop motion animator so she enrolled at “Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam” (GLR), the Dutch creative college for media, design & technology. 

She and her like-minded friends claimed the old graphic department room, playing music and making prints with old wood and metal lettering. This planted the graphic design seed that developed further when she enrolled in the graphic design program of the real deal “Willem de Kooning" art academy

After 7 years of education in graphic arts, Mila worked as a freelance graphic designer under the name Moksimila. 

Living in design paradise, with regular “educational” visits to Berlin, Paris and Barcelona—she never thought she would call a small city in the USA her home. But a cute drummer from Minneapolis swept her off her feet and dropped her in the Twin Cities where she's developed a deep appreciation for free spirited American design.

Beside digital art, she likes operating old printing presses from the 19th and early 20th century. She now uses her international design experience to develop ideas for Kazoo Branding clients.